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What is MUSE?

MUSE is a design and construction firm with a showroom where we showcase all of the things we love! We offer furniture, accessories, interior design services, and remodeling and construction. Simply put we have everything for the home…all in one place.


Why do we charge for design consultations?

We use only professionally trained specialists who continue to invest in staying current with the newest information about function and fashion.  We find that these experts actually control the cost, reduce mistakes that can be made and insure that the buyer is totally satisfied with their purchase.  We always recommend that the shopper come to the store first.  Here we can show you the full range of choices and narrow to the selection that is most likely to meet your needs.  This part of the process insures that the time we spend in your home will be organized and productive.


When is it time for an in-home design consultation?

Regarding drapery, we have many semi-custom options available through our Muse 1-2-3 drapery line. These are simplified options that make choosing drapery as easy as selecting your fabric. If the options available here are not sufficient for your needs, you want a more customized look, or you have interesting design elements in your home, a drapery consultation is the best choice for you.

If you need advice on projects beyond drapery, we also offer full service design consultations, where we can help you with anything from paint selection, furniture selection and/or placement and accessories.


What happens at an in-home design consultation?

An in home design consultation is not always necessary….although an in home professional measure is necessary for any custom product.

We are so experienced that even basic measurements, photos of your window and the space allows us to make excellent recommendations for you.


When a home visit is needed; we will schedule it promptly and to fit with your schedule.

·         We will discuss with you what your goals are for your space.

·         We will discuss your budget.

·         We will take into account your existing furnishes. Seeing your space helps us to determine your style and
           your likes/dislikes.

·         We will professionally take measurements.

After your in-home consultation, we will take the information you;ve provided regarding your design goals and prepare a design plan suited to your needs. You will then meet your designer back at the MUSE showroom to go over the selections made for your project and make any changes you see necessary. Most times, the designer will also have a detailed estimate prepared for you at this meeting so you can make an educated decision.


Is the public able to shop at MUSE?

Absolutely! We welcome everyone to shop at our boutique.



Does Muse sell to the trade?

Yes! We work closely with numerous interior designers and other members of the design trade.


What is a ballpark range for window treatments?

Window treatments are available in a wide range of price points.  What is most critical is that you understand your choices relative to what you want to accomplish.  The material, the construction and the installation of the window treatments all determine the price.  Muse has professionals who will guide you through the selection process and educate you about the choices you are making. We have a wide variety of choices to meet almost any budget.

·         Fabric – Muse works carefully to insure that fabrics selected are the best quality regardless of price point. 

·         Construction – Whether you choose drapery or shades or blinds, the way that they are constructed determines
          how well they will work for you and whether you will be satisfied with the look. We are the experts and you can
          rely on us to help you get the best value for your money.

·         Installation – is a process that is affected from the moment selection is discussed through to measuring and
          finally installation.  Proper measuring, manufacturing without cutting corners and then careful and exact
          installation all contribute to a beautiful result that you will be enjoy for a long time.


How do I prepare to shop for window treatments?

If you are planning a visit to the showroom, it is a good idea to bring with you any fabrics or paint colors that will be in the same space. This will help our designers quickly assist you in choosing the best options to meet your design needs.

How do I avoid making a mistake when buying window treatments?

·         Rely on experts – Always work with a professional to design, measure and install window treatments

·         Know your functional needs and other design criteria ahead of time

·         Set a general budget range

·         Visit the store to actually try things out

·         Take home samples

·         Buy products with a guarantee

·         Commit when you feel totally comfortable with your purchase


Do we do reupholstery?

Absolutely! Not only does Muse have 1000s of fabrics to choose for your next project. We have skilled professionals to complete it. However, when considering a reupholstery job, it is best to take into account the quality and origination of your piece. Due to rising textile prices and labor cost, it is often true that you can buy a new piece of furniture at a more cost efficient price than reupholstering. Therefore reupholstery should only be considered for high quality pieces or those with sentimental value.


Do you sell American made products?

We are proud to say that have multiple lines made here in the U.S.A., even in North Carolina.


Can you really help me with everything for the design and construction of my home?

Yes, our general contracting staff has the experience with building homes from the ground up and remodeling every area of the home. Our design and contracting team are able to provide products for the entire design of every room. Yes, we have it all…fabric, furniture, flooring, tile, blinds, shades, shutters, hardware, accessories, etc.


Why do you not have fabrics for sale off the bolt?

By showing our fabrics by sample, it allows us to carry a wider selection of fabrics from which you can choose- literally thousands! In addition, as long as your fabric is in stock with the manufacturer, your order will arrive in approximately  3-4 days from the time you place your order. 


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