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MUSE Residential Commerical

MUSE Residential Commerical

Pocket Doors

Removing Walls

Demo Day Explanation

The Project Development Process

The Hanover Project

The Hanover Project | Demo Day

The Hanover Project | Update One

The Hanover Project | Update Two

The Hanover Project | Reveal

The Cotton Creek Renovation

The Cotton Creek Renovation | Design Preview

The Cotton Creek Renovation | Reveal

The Barbrick Project

The Barbrick Project | Sneak Peek

The Barbrick Project | Demo Day

The Barbrick Project | Reveal

The Bampton Bathroom

The Bampton Bathroom | Reveal

The Coachman Bathroom

The Coachman Bathroom | Reveal

The Anduin Falls Bathroom

The Anduin Falls Bathroom | Reveal

The Mallard Grove Kitchen

The Mallard Grove Kitchen | Reveal

The Riverwood Project

The Riverwood Project | Design Preview

The Riverwood Project | Reveal

The Allison Mews Master Suite

The Allison Mews Master Suite | Design Preview


The Dewitt Renovation| Design Preview

The London Road Kitchen

The London Road Kitchen | Design Preview

The Oak Creek Project

The Oak Creek Project | Design Preview

The Oak Creek Project | Reveal

The Chalmers Bathrooms

The Chalmers Bathrooms | Design Preview

The Chalmers Bathrooms | Reveal

The Greystoke Kitchen

The Greystoke Kitchen | Design Preview

The Greystoke Kitchen | Reveal


The Astrid Kitchen | Design Preview

The Astrid Kitchen | Reveal

The Riviera KITCHEN

The Riviera Kitchen | Design Preview

The Riviera Kitchen | Reveal

The Cotton Creek Bathroom

The Cotton Creek Bathroom | Design Preview

The Cotton Creek Bathroom | Final Reveal

The Ravencrest Bathroom

The Ravencrest Bathroom | Design Preview

The Ravencrest Bathroom | Final Reveal


Video 1 (Before)

Video 3 (After)

Video 2 (During construction)

Video 4 (Client reveal)

Oak Creek

MUSE is currently building a Timber frame garage complete with cedar siding, tin roof, and speciality automobile lift.


This is a walk-through our clients historic home before beginning construction to include a new kitchen and a second story addition with a master suite and massive closet space.


An Historic Renovation...complete with years of add ons and a dysfunctional layout made this kitchen a challenge. Finishing up soon, check back for updates.


This is a view during construction from the exterior walking through what will be the kitchen and the upstairs master suite.

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