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Option 1

Walk and Talk $350

Our Walk and Talk option allows a 1.5 hour meeting at the property with our contractor. He can walk through the home with you and discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding potential renovations. As you walk through, he will be able to develop a ‘big picture’ ballpark budget for what you can expect to spend on potential renovations. In addition, once you purchase the home and begin to move forward with the MUSE Design/Build Process, the $350 walk and talk fee can be applied to any design plan fees moving forward.

Option 2

Discovery Call @ No Charge

We also offer the option of a Discovery Call with one of our team members at no cost. We will set up a time to call you and you will send us photos of the space along with notes regarding your renovation needs prior to the call. We’ve seen thousands of kitchens and bathrooms so we can decipher a ton from photographs about what needs to be done and what you can expect. From this we can also give you a general ballpark number of what you can expect to spend, but keep in mind that it may not be as detailed since we aren’t physically in the space.

If you’d like to set up a ‘Walk and Talk’, please email us at and we will send over some available time slots.

If you prefer to do a ‘Discovery Call‘, simply click here to schedule the phone call.

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