How to Have a Painless Remodeling Project

We often hear the horror stories of home remodeling and the experience of working with inexperienced contractors but; there are ways to go through a home remodeling process and have it feel as pain free as possible.
 Prepare Yourself For The Process

Having a painless process is all about preparation. Ok, let’s be real…there is no such thing as a truly painless process. Remodeling by nature is hard, and dirty, and complicated. So let’s not fool ourselves. But… If you prepare yourself mentally and physically for the real experience of living through a remodel, you’ll make your process that much easier. There will be loud noises, and there may be delays and there will definitely be dust, but trust that our team is taking great care of you and your home.

We believe that setting clear expectations and educating our homeowners at the start of every project is one of the most important ways to set our clients up for a painless remodel and help them prepare for the journey of remodeling.

Trust the Process and Our Team

Our magic word is trust! The MUSE team is a group of experienced professionals who have been in this industry for years, and putting your trust in our team and capabilities is one of the best ways to rid yourself of any stress.

Since we’re dealing with the pre-existing conditions of a home, when we start our process, sometimes we find issues like old pipes or rotten studs, but our team is well-equipped to handle any structural issues that may arise. Trust your team to help you over the bumps.


Living Through The Remodel

Preparing yourself and your family for a remodel also means preparing for interruptions in your daily routines. Especially for large projects like kitchens, you may need to create a makeshift kitchen with all of your essentials so that meal time isn’t a daily grind. Also, be prepared for the job to slow down while waiting for county inspections and be prepared when the inspectors don’t always arrive as promised. Plan for some delays. In today’s economic climate, you can expect back-orders, manufacturing delays, and sub-contractor delays due to illness or staffing shortages. These can affect your project timeline but if you have realistic expectations from the start, this will all become ‘just another part of remodeling’ and your stress level will stay low.

Preconceived notions of what a remodel should look or feel like is often much different than the reality. Creating a plan on how to live through a remodel and preparing for the inconvenience they may cause will help your make your living situation smoother because every remodel is a journey.

Every Remodel is a Journey

Every remodel is a different journey that brings new experiences, but luckily, the MUSE team is right there with you every step of the way. Our expertise and experience are there as a benefit to you, and if you trust our team, we can educate and guide you throughout this process.

If you’re ready to learn more about having a painless home remodel, hear from MUSE owners Wendy and Jerehmy Warner on YouTube!

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